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Amy Johnson

The best part of the season is enjoying good food and fellowship with friends and family!


I love the holidays. It's the time I get to cook for my family and enjoy getting together with everyone!

Calamity Anne

I especially love the Holidays because it's the perfect time where I can try out lots of new yummy recipes on my friends and family! By the way, how'd you know my favorite food is CHEESE, glorious CHEESE!!!

Jen K

Holidays are all about family. And food. And we LOVE cheese!

Jennifer H

Holidays are about gathering with loved ones and remembering those loved ones that no longer sit at the table.


definitely SLEEP. the holidays occur right after final exams (i average about 2-3 hours a night during that time) so sleep is my present to myself.

julie parker

Mmm, I love simple, yet fancy appetizers this time of year, like Alouette cheese with some beautiful, sliced pears and toasted walnuts.


I rarely try to be "fancy" in my everyday life. The holidays give me an excuse to dress up, break out the nice dishes, and get in special-occasion mode.


I love to cook everyday...but especially like the holidays so I can cook stuff that I don't usually let myself indulge in everyday. Lots of fattening stuff that tastes great.
Oh and being with friends and family is great too! :)


I don't cook for Thanksgiving, but I do Christmas. Christmas give me a warm, fuzzy feeling, even though my family is very small, and our gatherings are informal. And this giveaway would be fantastic, because I serve cheese every time. Several times a day, even, over the holidays!


Old tradition...gather and eat at mother's house, feast, play dominoes with family members.
New tradition...cheese and crackers,turkey sandwiches, and key lime pie on the calls back home to up north.

Not quite the same, but still pleasant.


Family,food, hand knits. Woolly goodness :)

laura mullin

cooking and eating as much as i can, and enjoying as much time with my family as possible!

Veronica D

I love the Holidays, because I get to spend time with family and friends. We go several places over the holidays, so I get to try some yummy new foods.


I savor the holidays by making lots of good food and trying new recipes and then serving them to my family at a big dinner.


Food, family, and football.

Does it get any better?


The holidays are perfect for sharing great food with family & friends! My favorite time of year!


I enjoy getting together with friends and family to enjoy the wonderful food we all make this time of year.


I enjoy spreading cheese on things during the holidays. Mostly crackers. But sometimes fingers if I really need it. And family, but they often frown on having cheese spread on them.


After I hit the wall with celebrating holidays with extended family back in 2001, I'm finding I'm coming around again. Ready to get back to some of those traditions..but not totally. I want to make the holidays different..mix things up a keep it fresh.

daring one

My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family... eating a LOT of yummy foods. Last year we were snowed in and couldn't be with our family. It makes me all the more excited to be with them this year and with their cooking skills.


A favorite way to savor the holidays--besides all the food--is to do jigsaw puzzles with my family.

Kris C.

We do lots of silly free Christmas stuff around town, celebrate Solstice -- and cook lots of rich food that we wouldn't otherwise eat

Jan Sheeley

Savoring the holidays is about giving! Giving love preparing and sharing great food. From a can, from a jar or carefully prepared Le Cordon Bleu style food is the glue binding us together.

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