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Sarah McCord

So, do you deliver that awesome garlic steak salad??????????


The bags are great. The red stripe with Jan monogrammed on it would be spectacular!!


I like the tone of the lighter red bag. I also like the lighter tone of the blog.

J Balazadeh

We are doing all salads in July too!! Excited to add your recipe tonite list!!


Nice giveaway!! I'd love to have the red tote with Tammy on it.


I will stuff mine with good food and wine...promise!


Those bags are so cute! I love the light blue one.


Steak and mushrooms. Yum. Couldn't make this salad better unless you added goat cheese...which I think I will do! Red or baby blue with April on it!

Katrina Deaton

I love the blue!!


The blue is lovely!


I LOVE half-assed kitchen! I'm a true-blue Seattle girl, who moved to LA 4 years ago- I miss Seattle so much! Reading your blogs reminds me so much of home, so thank you! That darker blue bag is fantastic as well- I love the almost nautical theme within it!


Ooh, nifty! I'll play. I'd fill it with picnic goodies... :)

Jeanne Quinn

The Garlic Steak Salad sounds delicious...I can't wait to try it out this weekend! Oh, and I love tote bags...I hope I win one. : )


Love your site and all of the recipes and I'd love to win a bag!! Happy Fourth of July to all.


Love your recipes, and these bags!

Sara B

Just found your blog a month ago, and while I don't mind chopping and am way too cheap to buy pre-cut stuff...I like your recipes and have used at least one already. Happy Independence Day!

Katherine Brodbeck

Cute bags. Great recipes!

Alanna Sadgrove

Mmmmmm.. a great bag filled with (half assed) great food. A perfect combination!!!


Love your site. That is all. :)

Elizabeth Cox

I love the pink monogramed with Liz

Megan P

I promise to be nice to the bag if I win!


Such cute bags. Great for taking snacks to the pool.


i just found your blog via a comment you left on cakewrecks. have i found another food blog to obsess over? yes... :D


You hooked me with the saiad. Now you're offering a beachbag too!!

Claire H.

Mmm, I am about to make the Garlic Steak Salad today! These bags look great as well- I love the darker blue one!

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