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mmmmmm..... cupcakes..... *drool

Susan Proulx

I am known as "Martha" in hordourve world! I will never bring a store bought dessert or hordourve to anyones party!


If you aren't going to half-ass it, you need a good recipe and I think this recipe book would really help me out.

Diane B

As a mom of 3 young boys, I can't have enough cupcake recipes!


if I win will Martha come to my house and make the cupcakes for me? ;)


OmG cupcakes yum!

KittyKat Mullan

Cupcakes make the world go round, my belly feel full of love and my heart warm with wonderful childhood memories xxx

Ursula meier

Love me some cupcakes ;)

Selina Maggi. Varich

I'm learning new ways to decorate cupcakes. I would LOVE to win this. So would Shelby, my 10 year old granddaughter :-)

Jenny Fisher

cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes...Oh mY! :)

Meredithe Felton

Cupcakes? Martha Stewart? It just does not get any better than this!!!!!!!!

Lisa Stephens

Would love to get full-assed with Martha (wait, that didn't sound right...)

Suzanne Brooks

Nummy cupcakes. I could full-ass it for some lovely cupcakes.


I do love a good cupcake. Wonder if I'm up to the Martha challenge!


Cake is great, but cupcakes are better. All small things are cuter and so much better ... babies, kittens, puppies, mini muffins ....

Nina Paavonpera

Me me me! Can't cook to save my life, perhaps Martha can save me from being picked on by 7-year-olds because of my sons
"individual" school lunches.


yum yum yum! i hope i win this book

Melissa Crawford

What's not to love about cupcakes! They are mini marvels, iced delights, pure indulgence, an mmmmmmmmmm in every mouthful...


licking my lips thinking about it...I'm sure i could put that great book to use...hope i win =)

Tanja Schuurman Robinson

Cupcakes make the world go round, the world go round, the world go round...everyone sing with me!!!

Marlene Moore

Martha would think I was an incompetent total ass if she were in my kitchen!!! Could use her help!!


Would love an early Christmas present for ME!


I want a cupcake and it's only 6:30am!!

sue clark

Cupcakes Rock!

Wendy Noonan

one can be sooo creative when decorating cupcakes and if you mess one up you get to eat it and try again!!!

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