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Emily Miller

I have Jessica's Deceptively Delicious cookbook and really love it! I would love to win her new one! Thanks for the opportunity!


Looking forward to checking out this cookbook!


Have been enjoying your blog!

Donna Flood

I love the way she sneaks in all the healthy stuff! I would love to have a copy of her book, so I can do the same!


Yum I'm always looking for new recipes for the family.

Frieda Nugen

I have her Deceptively Delicious cookbook and would LOVE to win a copy of Double Delicious. Thank you for the opportunity from me, also!

Kelly H.

Would love to have this book. My 2 yr old wants to survive on crackers, yogurt and mcdonalds hamburgers! Help!! ;)


The recipes you mention sound delicious! Thanks for the opportunity!


wow-i never knew how good her thought process was. i'd love to win one-we're incorporating as much unprocessed food as we can with a stay at home husband who's learning to cook and 4 starving kiddos!-but it might be worth buying if i don't. thanks, jessica


Hmm, I've been skeptical of her style, bun now that I have toddlers who won't eat amything, I'm ready to try the purees.


This would be a fun cookbook for my daughters' to try out. They each have a two year old son.

Dawn Lewis

This intrigues me greatly! I have a child who is particularly ... um ... "challenging", and I'm interested in trying to cram more veges and whole foods into her diet.

debbie boundy

i love this site..i'm always looking for newrecipes and would love to add this book to my collection...from what i see, there are soo many i'd love to try...thank you...


This book sounds great, especially for my current fascination with healthy cooking & using whole foods.


This sounds like a great addition for cooking with kids!


Hi my name is Crystal and I am a cookbook addict…

jodi scott

love this sight, i am new to the sight. everyday i look forward to see what you have posted. love to cook, would love a copy of the new cookbook, recipes look so yummy. cant wait to try them out. thank you and goodluck to all:)


I would love to win one of the books by Jessica Seinfeld! Thanks for the chance!

Selina McGrath Varich

I would love to win a copy of this cookbook. My daughter has two little ones and I would love to help her out with some dinner ideas that are healthy and fun.
Thank you and say hello to Jerry for us.
Happy Hanakkah,
Selina Varich


Wow,, I'd LOVE to win a copy of what seems to be a great cookbook. I used to have an extensive collection of varying cookbooks and loved using them and trying out new recipes. Unfortunately, our house burnt to the ground 5 years ago, along with my collection of cookbooks. sidenote: cookbooks don't stand up that well to raging infernos! haha :)
If I were to win I know that I'd cherish it and get excited about trying out all the recipes. We're getting sick of plain old 'meat & potatoes' everynight~ just ask my husband! lol
With having to replace all the basic neccessities lost in the fire, with only enough insurance to pay the bank, we've had so many other things to replace first. Cookbooks, sadly, seem to be at the end of the 'gotta have it' list. It sure would be nice to eat a tasty and 'different' meal! I've tried going online for ideas,, but there's nothing quite as great as the perfect recipe, with picture and all, on the counter right beside you all dusted in flour and tomato sauce! lol :)

Sandra @ Memory Workshop Scrapbook Kits

Did someone say biscuits? Sign me up!


I'd love to win the cookbook - I'm a big Seinfeld fan!


Hey, I hope you're willing to ship to Argentina! I'm always looking for new recipes for my fussy 2 year-old and 5 year-old eaters, so this book could come in handy. This is the best cooking blog ever!

Kathleen Hoppes

I use Jessica Seinfeld's first cookbook all the time for my kids!


My kids are terrible eaters - this sounds like a great idea

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