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I just bought the Deceptively Simple cookbook for my grandkids and am looking forward to this new cookbook.

kim parker

looking forward to the cookbook !

Debra Errico

I just bought her first one for my sister and after looking at it realized I want one too!


Ohhh I would love to try her recipes, thanks!

Kim Tucknott

I always believed that if you give you kids lots of food choices and opportunities to explore food that they would always be good and healthy eaters. THEN I HAD KIDS!!! True they started this way, but then the "phases" started. You know the "I don't eat anything orange" or "I don't like bananas cuz the have strings on them" or may lates from my 5 year old, "Mom. Jenny told me that chicken IS meat so please just make me a pb sammie for dinner every night." So I a learning to grate all my veggies and make fruit smoothies. The help would be appreciated!


i'm always looking for more strategies for cooking more healthfully and packing more nutrition into the foods i make for my currently picky three-year-old and myself.


What a great ides for a cookbook!


Sounds like a great giveaway. I'd love a new cookbook!

Jill in Vermont

I'm always on the lookout for new recipes.

Cindy Cumming

I love it! Who needs the Soup Nazi when you've got great new recipes like these?? :0)


Pick Me! Pick Me! My kids are terribly picky, and i would love to get them eating better foods. thanks for the opportunity!

Heidi Mueller

I liked her first cookbook...right up until I got lazy with the purees. I'd like to give her second book a shot though!


I've always wanted to try her cookbooks! Sounds great!


"healthfulness and convenience" that's the combo I'm looking for!


I have a copy of Deceptively Delicious, but haven't had a chance to try the recipes. I got it with sneaking more veges in on hubby than I did with picky-eater children in mind. :D


who doesn't need more ideas for cooking?!

laura @ alittlebarefoot

sounds good to me!


Jessica's cookbook Deceptively Delicious was awesome. The Peanutbutter & Banana Muffins are the best. I like them with the carrot puree rather then the cauliflower puree, but they're both pretty good. I bet this book is just as good. Yummy. :D


This would make an excellent addition to my kitchen... ;)

Lisa E

I'm always up for new methods and great cookbooks!


OMG I totally need this! My husband eats like a child and I'm always trying to sneak good foods in to his meals. I'd like to spend a lifetime with him, this would help! thanks for the consideration :)


You know, I've been reading you guys for years and years and years and I have never entered a giveaway. What the hell, here it goes!


How many blogs do you have?

Jen Bowman

I loved Jessica Seinfeld's first cookbook, and I am excited about this one. Good luck to me!!!


I can't say i've tried adding vegetable purée to many things. I've got a great new blender though so maybe now is the time.

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