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I love your honest review! I would LOVE this coffee maker! I am the only coffee drinker in my household and I spend way too much money at Starbucks. Yikes!


My coffee maker just broke down am now using percolator from my camping supplies..YUCK...Would love to win this...Cant afford a Tassimo I'm a student...PICK ME

Cammie harris

Thanks for the pros and cons in your review. And thanks for this offer!

Moria Harmon

have been wanting to go with a single cup coffee maker that is easy. My pour old traditional one doesn't get used much now because there is no time in the morning to mess with it. But I'm a coffee addict and getting coffee out costs a fortune. This would be a welcome relief on the ole budget!

Sarah Ruiz

I would love, love, love the Tassimo T20 Coffee Brewer!!!!

Manny Ruiz

Sure could use one of these!

Beth Rose

This sounds really great for the fact there is no wasted leftover coffee remaining in the pot. I've been looking for one like this. Have to have that coffee in the morning and after dinner!


Oh how I live for and love my coffee!


I would love this as I am the only one in my house that drinks coffee and I have been dreaming of being able to brew just one cup at a time!


I would LOVE this!

 Shei Fortunato

I love your blog! Thanks for your honest review of this coffee maker. I've always wanted one! Please enter me into the contest. Thank you!

Melissa Benson

It would be nice for my afternoon, one-cup pick up. Now that I have read your starkly honest review, however.....hmmmm. I won't just die if I don't win.


This is a great review & giveaway - thanks! I would love an espresso maker with a larger water tank - super feature! Also like that it makes various beverages and has an adjustable cup stand.

Thanks again!

theartofheart [at] cox [dot] net


This would be heaven if I won this. I have been oogling this coffee maker on Amazon but I'm a poor one. Pick me please. :)


This would be amazing to win.

Heather S.

Mmmm...since I'm re-doing my basement office/craft space this would be a great addition since it will help me avoid my children by not having to go upstairs for refills ;)

michelle taylor-headon

This is a great coffee maker, i had one a few years ago , but it got broken when we moved house :(
it was the best morning coffee ever and my kids loved the hot chocolate..,
i would love to have another tassimo :))

Andrea Ellwood

As I am the only coffee drinker in my home, I tend to just stick to instant rather than go to all the bother of fresh coffee. But the instant really is a poor substitute. So, I put one of these on my birthday wish list but still failed to get one. Guess this will be my only chance for a long while. So fingers crossed! x

Angel S.

Great review. Like the pro's and con's. Thanks for sharing!

caroline mcclellan

Read the reviews, would love to win this!

Kristin swartz

I just discovered disk coffee at work and love it!!!! Pick me!


bring on the caffeine, please!
thanks for the chance!

dorothy miller

pick me!!!! I would love to try and blog about your product!!! thx for the consideration!

Ingrid O'C

Coffee. 'Nuff said.


My brother and sister have one of these and I've wanted one ever since using theirs. Since they live in different states it would be nice to have my own :)

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