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October 21, 2008


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JR could so pop a crown on these. Anything that makes us shell out tons of $$$ on dental work is right up his alley.

Have you tried them with marshmallow fluff? I don't do regular marshmallows. It's that whole gelatin/vegetarian thing. Jr & the homeboy won't let a little thing like that bother them though.

Sprinkles are a must.

Half Assed Kitchen


I haven't tried the Fluff. I think it wouldn't set up well and you'd be stuck with popcorn mush.

You could try making it with corn syrup though. Here's a recipe I found (but haven't tried): http://southernfood.about.com/od/popcorntreats/r/bl30524y.htm

Also, if you eat these the first day or two, they are not ridiculously crunchy. The texture is nice and chewable.


Yummy and won't break the bank. I like it!


I already LOVE this recipe, and I haven't even made it yet. It is perfect and so easy. May I also add that the one time I sent rice crispie treats with Son to school as his birthday treat, they went over FAMOUSLY?! Everyone brings the same old cloying cupcakes with nasty icing all the time, and the kids were delighted with something different. And what could be better than a no-bake mess for me? Thanks for this great idea!

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