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October 25, 2008


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Could this be considered dinner all by itself?

I am so trying this. I think they would go well with the homemade vanilla chocolate pecan candy ice cream I made on Friday.


mmmmm... I SO want one of these right now!


You have totally made my day. There is nothing I love more than pain au chocolat. Well, nothing edible. Many thanks for helping me figure out something better than homemade chocolate icing spread on toasted sourdough (which isn't bad, but this sounds better).


My teeth are screaming in pain just thinking about eating these, and they look soooooo yummy.


I made these tonight after reading this post. They are simply delicious! Thank you for the idea. I love reading your blog.


Yummmm....I bet a spoon of Nutella would be good in those too...I am adding this one to my collection.


I make thse all the time, but without the powdered sugar. i thought I made up the "recipe"! I just posted them here the other day: http://bookwormfoodblog.blogspot.com/


Wow, nice typing I did there. Ha!


I use this basic for mini stuffed sandwiches...turkey and swiss and/or ham and cheddar. Kids love them and they are perfect hot or cold!

Cactus Petunia

Just found you via Derfwad Manor...way to go!
Love this recipe. Here's another one that's similar: substitue Nutella for the chocolate chips, and you have a yummy EuroTrash version!

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