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November 17, 2008


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Missives From Suburbia

That is dangerously easy.


May I also suggest this crushed and sprinkled on ice cream, or even mixed into ice cream - delicious!


That looks a lot like cinder toffee, except made with baking powder instead of bicarb and vinegar.


well, that just looks yummy! Something to make for the holidays along side peanut brittle, for those that may have a peanut allergy. Thanks for the recipe!


I love this recipe! I'm going to try it with my allergic kids. I'll also add some sunflower seeds in for that extra bit of texture. I miss nut brittles too.


Sweet and easy: that's what it's all about!
(I can't believe I'm the first one to jump on the pun wagon!)


Someone gave me hokey pokey last christmas and I've always been curious how to make it.


Hokey Pokey is a thin version of what I've always known as "Sea Foam" here in Cali sweet shops. You should tried it coated in chocolate! Yummo!


Nooo, not corn syrup. In NZ we make it with golden syrup, which is a sugar byproduct slightly lighter in colour and thinner than treacle. Substitute treacle if you can't get golden syrup. Corn syrup is NASTY.

Kerry Clem

Just made this using some dark cane syrup that I bought in New Orleans. Still waiting on it to cool, but the bit I tasted on the spoon was wonderful! Yay for a tasty teacher gift!

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