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November 28, 2008


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We do the same thing, except we had minced onion (I love using chives), an egg, and some breadcrumbs.

Great tip!


Mmm - i usually add some egg, but yes, this is divine.


I'm too lazy to start these the night before. So in goes an egg, breadcrumbs & goat cheese.


These look yummy :)


Lol... The first time I ever made mashed potato patties for my (then) new boyfriend, he had never had them before. EVER. In fact, he had never heard of them and had not even seen one. After him observing me making them, and telling me that I didn't do this right or I should do that.. I never made the stinkin' things again.
His loss.
I really should make them again some time... and just do it when he isn't looking. Because yes... I kept him.


My grandmother always made these for breakfast the morning after there were mashed potatoes for supper. YUM. Thanks for the nostalgia!

Sheri Angell

I just made these for my husband a few weeks ago. Had some left over mashed potatoes and a memory from the past popped into my head, hadn't had or made them in years. Anyway, they were a big hit and I made them again the other day with leftover's from Thanksgiving. Love your blog!


I'm with Abby, these bring back some great memories :) I'm tempted to make a bunch of mashed potato just to fry up the leftovers!


I make mine by dreging in flour first to make them crisp up a litlle first. I can remeber my mon making these for a quick dinner with just a simple fried egg on top. The yolk works as a great "gravy". Thanks for the memory!


Do you have to start with real mashed potatoes (from scratch) or can you use Idaho mashed potatoes from a box? I'm not even half assed; I'm sort of quarter assed in the kitchen. Thanks!

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