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November 08, 2008


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I'm adding this to the binder.

I just cracked open a can of pumpkin for scones this a.m. and the leftovers need to be used.



Looks super good.


If you're looking for an egg-free pumpkin-type pie, try this easy one: (I did this for church last year and it was a hit).

cream an 8oz box of cream cheese with an 8oz tub of Cool Whip...beat that together until nice and creamy. Add a can of pumpkin pie filling and mix until that's all nice and creamy like. Pour into a graham cracker crust and refrigerate it for an hour or two.

This will actually make 2 cream cheese pies.

I like playing around with flavors (the basic recipe is the cream cheese and cool whip). I've added chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and pecans for a turtle pie, I've mixed in some instant cappuccino powder for a cappuccino pie, added sliced bananas and strawberries, added crushed peppermints...I'm sure the possibilities are endless...and it doesn't require turning on the oven ;)


I've made this and it tastes very close to the original pumpkin pie without the eggs. My husband has a milk allergy instead of eggs, but I've found that vegan and macrobiotic recipes don't have either.You may have to go to Whole Foods to find some of the more unusual ingredients...but it's worth it.I think the kudzu is what thickens it up, and the amasake is what makes it creamy... in case you want to just adjust your own recipe.


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