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December 17, 2008


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Melody C

These look tasty!!! You didn't have to fork-crimp the edges, the filling just stayed in place as the pastry puffed? Might have to make these for a party this weekend!


This look so easy and scrumptious!!


I wonder if you could just do it all as big sheets and then cut after filling and layering.

All Adither

I wouldn't cut it after it's been cooked because the puff pastry will flatten (a lot) and not be nearly as pretty. If you do it all as one big sheet before cooking and then cut into squares, I think that could work! The filling might not stay tucked in quite as nicely, but that might make it even tastier.

Laurie on the Prairie

Oh My God, where have you been all my life? I have Pioneer Woman to thank for the introduction and I'm heading to HyVee tomorrow for the Puff Pastry. I've got the onions, basalmic, olive oil, and feta on hand. xoxo.


You are my new favorite person. If only I had discovered you a week earlier before I agreed to make this cauliflower dish I've never tasted for a Christmas Eve party!


These look and sound so good!
My only question is, is that 1 inch by inch measurement right? Do you think it would be okay to make them slightly bigger,(2x2 or 3x3) since my guy would probably love them, but not if they look too little...LOL!
I just don't want to mess with the ratio and ruin a good thing. :o)

All Adither

2x2 might be okay, as long as you fill up the pastry. I did some that were 3x3 and they were just too big for apps. At least in my opinion.

Good luck!


Those sounds so good...I love all the ingredients so I'm sure I'd love the result. I may add this to my already overloaded new year's day line up.


I love this! I adapted it and linked back to your site. Thanks!

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