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February 25, 2009


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tami lyn

I so want to try these in NOLA some day, but may have to try your recipe to give me a taste. Thanks!


If you really want to half ass it, you can take cresent roll dough, cut the triangle in half and fry that up. It makes great quick beignets.


If you wan the square shape without being so precise with a knife, just use a pizza cutter! Run it up and down the dough to make 3 sections and then from left to right twice. 9 beignets in a few seconds :o)


Beat me to it with that pizza cutter tip!


I'm intrigued! Never had a Beignet, definitely going to try these!


I was just in New Orleans a while back and had my first Beignets and fell in love with them. Yours look really good too!


Oh I see no reason to limit these to Fat Tuesday! They look too good not to eat any day of the week.


Ok, these look so delicious BUT how thick (or thin) do you roll the dough? I want to give these a try. I've only had beignets once on a trip more than 10 years ago to New Orleans. But I still remember the taste!


These look SO good-- and I've heard amazing things about them! I really want to try this recipe... the thing is... I've never fried anything. I know, crazy... and I live in the south! I'm a new cook and I just, well, haven't.

I am an expert at accidents so any advice at all would give me a little confidence :)


I've always just taken a small roll of biscuits and dropped them in a fry daddy then sprinkled them with powdered sugar. Probably not as good for you with all the frying but still really good and rediculously easy.


It's hard to find beignet recipes that do not have eggs. Thanks for this recipe and all of the other posts with great ideas.

Cafe Du Monde in NOLA makes a delicious beignet mix that is egg-free. I called Cafe Du Monde and a person there told me that the mix is the same mix that they use at their cafe....

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