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February 09, 2009


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Ack - don't use something called 'cooking wine' whatever it's variety. It's nasty stuff.

Go to a wine store and buy a bottle of Marsala, it will last a while and goes nice in other things, and it doesn't need to be expensive.

All Adither

Hollygee, We're sure you're right about nice wine tasting better, but we actually find cooking wine to be perfectly acceptable for cooking. As long as you're not nipping from the bottle as you work. Also, buying your wine at the grocery store is so much more Half Assed. :)

Jan Verhoeff

This sounds like something you could serve on your second date!!! With a salad and desert, easy enough to impress and enjoy with almost no time in the kitchen. My recipe includes a little bit of onion in the mushrooms. I like the added flavor. (I like your recipe better for date night.)

http://romanticads.blogspot.com <-- if you need a date?


So I gotta say, funniest title for a food blog EVER. I'm your newest, biggest fan.


Looks and sounds delicious. I just love Chicken Marsala.


We made this a couple of evenings ago. The whole family really enjoyed it. Thanks for the recipe.

I really like your approach in the kitchen.
Your writing is laugh out loud funny.


I love your blog - your recipes sound great and your photography is fantastic. What kind of camera do you shoot with?

I like that this recipe is for 2 - I live alone and don't always need to cook for 4-6 people!


you can also use some "italian seasoning" in the flour dredge mix..you can buy some at the Dollar Store for 50 cents...whats more half assed than that?? :)


Yum...yum...YUM! Can I come over now? Happy Holidays to you!

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