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April 07, 2009


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Nope, that's unacceptable. I need a picture, post haste! lol....you'll just have to make it again so we get to see it. I know that will be hard for you, but I hope you accept the challenge :o)


Cashews in my casserole? Yum!! (Best crazy pizza I ever had was at some U-district hole in the wall where you could mix and match any ingredients... we chose cashews.)
But I definitely need to see what this is supposed to look like. I'm challenged that way. ;)


I have to agree with the other commentees, without a picture the mental that comes to mind when you mention cream of mushroom soup and pasta in one sentence is something that my yorkie does when she eats too fast....now that's a hot mess!

Half Assed Kitchen

You're a tough crowd. I'll work on getting a photo.


thanks!!! btw, did I mention that I have your blog as a widget on my google homepage? that way I can see when a new recipe has been added. how smart.


Hey! I love this site! What great recipes, and so easy, and with stuff I have on hand. Thanks! I stumbled onto you through Jen's Cake Wrecks blog, this is my first time here (though I've been with Jen for a while now - and have recommended her to cake bakers I know). Now I'll be recommending you to all the cooks I know.

Just wanted to let you know, the term 'hot dish' is a very common Midwestern term. Of European descent, probably Norwegian or German homesteaders. It's as common here in Northern Wisconsin as the Friday Night Fish Fry (something my Texas-transplant husband had never heard of before moving here 12 years ago. Now we absolutely MUST go out every Friday night. Darn.). Can't you just hear the words 'hot dish for supper tonight, dearie?' in a Norwegian accent?


I'm from Wisconsin and have never had hot dish (although when I went to the MN State Fair one summer I saw a stand selling "Hot Dish on a Stick"), so I decided to give this one a try. I used ground turkey, low-fat soup, and soy milk. It was tasty enough, but I'm not sure if it will become part of my dinner staples. Thanks for the idea, though!

Sarah R

In step 5 you add the cheese but then you "add the cheese" again 15 minutes before done cooking???? Help!

Half Assed Kitchen


So sorry about that. It is confusing. I would just sprinkle the cheese on top of the whole thing.

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