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April 10, 2009


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Oh, thank you THANK YOU thank you!!! I had lost my good recipe for homemade granola, and I know my dh will love this one! :)


Quick question: Should I grease the pan at all before spreading the granola and baking it?

Half Assed Kitchen

I didn't and it came out fine. I think the canola gives it enough fat so you don't have to. That said, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to do it.

How's that for diplomatic. ;)

Michelle Nichols

This sounds great! I am going to make this tonight, I have everything I need! Thanks for sharing!


I love granola, especially homemade! Thanks for sharing..will try soon!


Homemade granola is the BEST. One of my best memories from childhood...


Now... do you know how to make this into granola bars? (Just thinking I'd like something easy to throw in kids lunchboxes...)

Thanks for the recipe! I'm going to try it this weekend.


just made this recipe. it's delicious. hope it actually makes it into a cereal bowl and doesn't get eaten by the handfuls first!


I am really excited to make some granola to complimet the homemade yogurt I made for the first time yesterday.


Store bought cereal was starting get pretty pricey as my boyfriend is granola vacuum. I decided it was finally time to make my own and stumbled upon this recipe.
Wow. I can't believe how easy and amazing this was to make. You're right, I won't go back to boxed cereal again!
Few adjustments I made were I used olive oil instead of canola to make it a little healthier. I also added the dried fruit after it was cooked to keep the texture a little nicer.
I also noticed that after I took it out of the oven and left it in the baking dish for 10 minutes it browned and dried evenly and perfectly.


I have tried many granola recipes since this was posted but continue to return to this as it is my absolute fav. Good with dried cranberries, dried chopped apricots, coconut and sesame seeds...I learned after my first very burnt batch to add fruit to the granola AFTER it's been baked! Anyways, thanks again, from a big fan!

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