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June 29, 2009


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We just started grilling corn on the cob this June! Mean parents that we are, the boys have to pull back the husks and strip away the corn silk, then carefully wrap the ears of corn back in their husks before soaking.

If the corn is sweet and plump, it really needs nothing slathered on it at all. And best thing about roasted corn? No hot water & steam to deal with in my kitchen. :)


I love grilled corn. Later with the leftovers I shuck it, toss it on the grill again to make those wonderful grill mark and caramelize the sugars, cut off the cob and make into a salsa. Yum Yum!



and i'm so tired of all the 'full-assed' i've been making lately meals lately...

tonight's going to be an archive night :)

Calamity Anne

No need to de-silk the corn??? If that's the case, then I've been doing it the hard way all along!!!


If I was so lucky to be able to grill! My Elote recipe would have tasted so much better if I could've roasted them on a charcoal grill. http://gabrielaskitchen.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/la-comida-de-la-calle-elote/


Hey guys,

it took me a while to grill the corn perfect. You have to take it from the grill rack just in time!

When I tried it for the fifth time it finally worked ;-)

I love grilled corn!

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