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August 01, 2009


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Heather U

Hey found your weblink on Tasty Kitchen, only it wouldn't let me link directly to you for some crazy reason thus forcing me to cut and paste it into the URL. No matter, I did manage to find your blog and that's all that really matters right?

Just had to tell you that that soup recipe looked amazing! Now I don't normally like cold soup per se, but I'm thinking I might be able to make an exception in this case! (bringingupboys)

Half Assed Kitchen

Heather, It's delicious warm as well.


This looks really tasty!


Do you use separate blenders for soups & smoothies? Can it wash out well enough to make both for the same meal? I am sooo trying to eat healthy and it's great to find your blog.


This sounds delicious. Too bad hubby doesn't like coconut :(

Maybe I'll fix him liver (blech) one night and fix this for myself. :D

Half Assed Kitchen

Delia, By all means, you can use the blender for both. Just make sure, as you mentioned, to wash it well between the smoothie and the soup.


...'(To be honest, we didn't bother chilling it. We served it tepid and it was good).'


i always love your humour- ps the new rating thing is most definitely badass.


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