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August 12, 2009


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stephanie (bad mom)

You are my hero.

P.S. I frequently gave/give my children vanilla ice cream in their oatmeal or on a waffle for breakfast. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing wrong with that. Ice cream = calcium + some protein, all good. :D


drooling over here.


Holy deliciousness.



So that's health food, right? Anything with oatmeal in it is automatically healthy, yes?

... No? ... Hrm.

What if I toss in a handful of raisins and/or some coconut? :D

Jennifer, Dove Team

What are your thoughts on Dove Chocolate Promises with peanut butter?


I happened to stop by the test kitchen just in time to taste this one and have to say - this pie is delish!

Trout Towers

I was SO hoping this post was here, after reading your to do/ not to do list earlier.


I am having a super stressful week and all I want to do is bake. Part of my stress involves living in a hotel until Saturday, so baking is really not a possibility for me. Moral of the story: I'm realllllly glad you baked mid-packing. :)


You. Are. Brilliant!

And even though I just finished a very healthy breakfast of old-fashioned oatmeal with wheat bran and prunes, I *so* want a hu-mungo serving of chocolate chip oatmeal pie right now!


PS: Going to Brooklyn? Going to do a little research on "Greener Grass"?


This went over quite well with my Church Small Group last night :) We convinced ourselves it was healthy because it had oatmeal and we used Ice Cream sweetened with Splenda! :)
Thanks for everything!


Oh I bet that would be fantastic with ice cream. Yum!
Love that photo!

wasabi prime

Wow, that looks beautiful. I almost want to say, is it a pie, or is it just one giant, dreamy cookie? I'm going to go with giant dreamy cookie. I'll keep your breakfast comment a secret if you keep mum about me probably having it with the ice cream at breakfast...

Sprouted Kitchen/ Sara

the only thing i like better than cookies, are cookies shaped in a big, moist pie. this looks sooo good!! ha, cookie pie for breakfast is completly legitimate.


I just did revel bars the other day and this is basically another version. Only easier and it looks incredible!!


You are just plain wrong for posting such a yummy picture! (since I just came off the lemonade diet-ugggh). This and the berry dessert right after both looked scrumptious!


I make a pie like this called toll house pie. It's like a giant chocolate chip cookie but better.

Victoria Mann

I just have a question, I made this up and it doesn't look like the picture. The chocolate-milk layer is what looks different - what size can is used of sweetened condensed milk and are the chips supposed to be melted into the milk??

Half Assed Kitchen

Victoria, I think sweetened condensed milk only comes in one size--those small cans. (Correct me if I'm wrong) My chocolate chips didn't melt into the milk. But as long as everything solidified, it sounds delicious.

Vickie Mann

I had a 14 oz can that I used - what I made is very good, it's just very rich and sweet.

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