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August 24, 2009


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I made gazpacho for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, it turned out just as I suspected it would - like eating a big bowl of salsa (good salsa, but salsa nonetheless). :(

Not exactly sure what I was expecting. Something like cold American-style tomato soup with chunkies, I suppose.

It was fantastic with chips! :D


It's not necessary to chop the veg finely - just into size so it can fit into the blender, mostly in half or 1/4s only - not a huge effort I would have thought. If you chopping into smaller pieces, you are making unnecessary work for yourself.

Also, I add some stale sourdough bread, crusts cut off, cut into large chanks and soaked for a minute in water then squeezed before adding to blender. Bulks up the soup a bit and gives it a soupier texture, so it doesn't seem like eating salsa.


Gazpacho is one of my all time favorite summer soups. It is also so versatile and you can make it with so many different ingredients. Love your picture :)


I made my first chilled soup the other day and was pleasantly surprised! I love soup and they can be so refreshing in the summertime.


This sounds FANTASIC!


Gazpacho is one of my all time favorite summer recipes! There are so many little variations possible that it never turns out the same way twice but it is almost always a treat. I like to drizzle it with olive oil or pesto. And, yes, a ripe avocado is the perfect garnish for this summery soup.

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