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August 29, 2009


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oh yes- a new post. love it. i've been waiting in the shadows :)

ps. as a fellow graphic/ typology dork- the green font colour rating. is truly half assed. in a great way (in designer talk: it looks good :) )



Bossy is green with envy that you made this. See how Bossy did that? Incorporated green into her comment?


How long does it take this to go brown from the avocado? Or does the acid keep it green for a few days?

Susan (Trout Towers)

I've been looking for a tomatillo salsa recipe! We have pineapple tomatillos falling like rain. The trick is keeping people from snacking on them long enough to make something.

Half Assed Kitchen

The salsa on its third day and it's still beautifully green. If the salsa lasts another day (which I doubt) I'll let you know!


I had never made anything that used tomatillos prior to making some chicken chili soup over the weekend. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was darn tasty (though the stickiness of the orbs was a little off-putting to work with).

I tried some raw tomatillo and was surprised at the tartness, but it worked fantastically with the chicken and chili seasoning and other veges that were in it... and the side of sweet corn bread :D

I'll have to try the salsa verde. My dad made some one year out of the remaining unripe tomatoes on their plants before the first frost could hit. It was really good. But stores don't usually carry unripe 'maters, and tomatillos are much cheaper than even unripe tomatoes would probably be, anyhow.


I recently discovered tomatillos, and have only been eating them raw or making enchilada sauce with them.

Gonna make a huge batch of this as soon as I get home!

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