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September 07, 2009


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So wait, why is this not falafel?

Half Assed Kitchen

Well, truth is, it's really close. Falafel is typically made with chickpeas AND fava beans. I guess I also think of falafel as being more deep fried.


I loved this, but I didn't read the recipe too closely (I'm quite 1/2 assed myself), so I wound up with too much moisture (I put both eggs in although I used one 24 oz can of chickpeas). This I solved by adding to the mix the flour I was going to dredge the patties in (I used whole wheat though, becasue I'm finicky like that). Worked fine, even though I don't own a nonstick skillet. I just heated the skillet first, then added the oil, and my little patties didn't even try to stick to the pan. Yummy! I wrapped them in whole wheat lavash (warmed in the oven) with the salad and dressing.


love this type of food. I will def. try those patties!

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We LOVE IT! It doesn’t stay aunord long at our house! I had a neighbor who used to make enough at one time to fill a whole trash can!

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