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October 14, 2009


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Oh, nutmeg on smashed potatoes... great idea!


I've never tried thyme in mashed potatoes! I think I'll have to try this!


Just pass Bossy the straw. Major yum!


Oh... these sound great. Last week I tried Rachael Ray's brie and apple mashed potatoes and those are really quite good too. Definitely worth a try if you start getting tired of the standbys.


Mmmmm sounds good!! I think the next time I make mashed potatoes I'm going to try the flavored cream cheese with chives and onions.


My suggestions:

take smaller potatoes and don't cut or peel them before boiling... You can also consider baking them in your microwave. just make sure to scrub them well...

baking in the microwave takes just a couple of minutes... let them rest after the microwave time for another couple of minutes to complete the cooking process...

when you cut them up, the boiling introduces more water into the potato, effectively diluting the flavour... and washing away a lot of the taste with the boiling water...

mash the boiled (or baked) potatoes with a solid fork or masher while still in their skin...

another suggestion:

replace the butter (and optional cream cheese) with a nice ripe avocado....

tastes gorgeous and actually boosts the nutrinional value significantly....

Morta Di Fame

Thanks for reminding me that I NEED to be eating mashed potatoes!

invierta proyectos

mmmm it migth taste good

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