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October 17, 2009


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My go-to quickie dinner is spaghetti con sugo di tonno ( http://oddmom.net/2009/10/05/spaghetti-con-sugo-di-tonno/ ). Cooking the whole thing takes just as long as it takes the pasta to cook, and the ingredients are easy to keep on hand. And it is crazy good.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

Right now, my go to meals are assembled, rather than made. I hope to change that next year and get back into the kitchen.


Our quickie meal is chicken sauteed with zucchini, canned tomatoes, artichokes, onions and garlic over whole wheat angel hair, with some parmesan on top.

Sounds like it takes a whole lot longer than it does, especially since you can use canned ingredients for most of it.

Jen K

Thin crust cheese pizza and salad. And if it's been a really crazy day we have a "dinner party" in front of the TV!


I like by myself, so my fallback meals tend to be odd mixes like hummus, cheese, crackers, pistachios, and a beer. Very healthy! If I actually make something, I will do pasta with chicken or hot Italian sausage and whatever sauce I have open.

Kerri Anne

My go-to dinner is stir-fried vegetables (anything and everything and especially snap peas) with a little bit of chicken or shrimp. So easy, and SO tasty.


scrambled eggs with whatever veggies I have on hand, and some salsa, over toast.

If I am feeling super lazy I hard-boil the eggs instead of scrambling them, to make dishwashing easier.


One of my best fall back meals is a pork pasta dish. Cubed pieces of pork,onion, garlic, green chiles, and a can of green enchilada sauce mixed cooked down together and then tossed with pasta. Fast, delicious, and super easy. And it has a nice kick to it.


Eggs poached in tomato sauce with some sort of yummy cheese grated over the top and a rustic piece of toast. yum.


Pasta with drained canned tuna in olive oil, tomato based pasta sauce of choice (in our family it's Barilla Arrabbiata or Barilla Basilico), lemon zest, some olives and/or capers if I have any, topped with grated parmesan.


Grilled cheese and tomato rice soup. The poached eggs mentioned above look amazing, though.


Ground beef w/taco seasoning. Then I throw it over rice or roll it up in a flour tortilla or put it w/tortilla chips. Mmmm. Easy.


I live alone, and my fallback meal that looks fancy, tastes yummy, and is super-healthy and easy is sushi salad. Throw the brown rice in the rice cooker when I get home. Take some time to unwind, catch up on Facebook. Chop some cucumbers and carrots and bell peppers (or toss in a bag of shredded carrots and cabbage if I'm feeling lazy), avocado if I have one lying around. Steam some edamame in the microwave. Put some rice vinegar in a big tuppperware and stir in a packet of Splenda. By then the rice is done. Toss it with the rice vinegar, stir in the veggies. Toss in lox or fake seafood or even a can of tuna. Put some in a bowl and dress it with soy sauce and wasabi, eat with chopsticks, feel ever so chic. And I make a big enough quantity to have it for lunch or dinner every day for a week.

(P.S. - I've been reading you for ages, RSS'd you almost immediately. Haven't commented but have made several of your recipes, including your galette which is always a hit with my friends.)

angela patrick

Spaghetti with garlic bread and a big salad


One of my favorite fall back meals is homemade chicken cheesesteaks subs...I usually cook a meal but when time is limited and I am tired, I thinly slice chicken breasts and saute' them with onions and hot peppers and serve them on sub rolls with cheese lettuce and tomato...easy and delicious. beats a carryout sub any day!


The only go-to the little ones will *reliably* eat (that the grownups also like) is breakfast for dinner: pancakes or waffles, bacon, and scrambled eggs


Spaghetti carbonara. Everyone in my family likes it and takes almost no time. I throw in peas as well so we get our veggies in too!


I thaw and roast some shrimp with garlic and cherry tomatoes and throw it over some rice. I'll steam up whatever veggies we have or mix up a salad and everyone in our family of five (with at least four picky eaters) is happy.


Super, super crunched for time.....hummus wraps. Normal crunched for time? Spaghetti (I usually have sauce in the freezer).


Pumpkin pancakes and poached eggs are always a winner and come together in no time.


If we're going for quick, I'd say quesadillas, especially if my husband makes them. They're so easy and cheap to make!


I won't lie--I'm in college, and my biggest go-to meal right now is probably Zatarains. Turkey and pesto panini sandwiches are also pretty high on the list, though.

Elizabeth S

We've been freezing a lot of casserole type dishes, so we'll just pull one of those out of the freezer. If we are really pressed for time, mac & cheese.... Not healthy, but yummy. I love the Everyday Food magazine. I had a subscription in the past and loved each and every month's copy.


Our family favorite fall back meal is taco salad!Soo good and can be put together


We love Pita Pizzas. Just grab some Pita Pockets, add spaghetti sauce and top with whatever is in your fridge/pantry. Then bake it at 400 for about 10 minutes and VOILA! Dinner!

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