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November 23, 2009


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I like the creamed corn addition! I also like to add chiles and cheese when I make cornbread to go with chili or a spicy soup. If you want to go true Southern style, you use shortening instead of butter, and you melt it in the oven in the cast iron skillet you're going to cook the cornbread in. You swirl the hot melted shortening around the pan a couple times to grease it, pour it into the batter, then put the whole thing into the hot, oiled skillet and bake. It makes the edges crispy and yummy.


I made cornbread muffins too :). I served mine with honey butter I made. Your's like lovely!


For the life of me I never will understand why people put sugar in their cornbread. The corn has quite enough sugar already, and I've just never liked that sweet yellow cornbread.

I will say that it IS best made with shortening in a cast-iron skillet. The edges are just so crispy and the inside nice and moist. Just spread a touch of butter on it and I could eat it all day.

Half Assed Kitchen

Mmm...sugar. We love it.

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