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November 29, 2009


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This works with pastrami, too - which has the advantage of being kosher-friendly, which is important to me. :) I have never made them in a skillet, just baked at 350 for 10-15 minutes. My friends get angry if they come for a meal and I haven't made them.

Sarah Patino

Devils on Horseback!!! Yum!


I had these about six months ago at our friends' house. They are delish - weird, but delish!


I make these stuffed with almonds! So tasty. With perfect holiday appetizers like these, who needs turkey?


yum - what isn't good wrapped in bacon?

Post-Modern Jen

Sugary, crunchy bacon? I want to go to there!


Oh dear, two of my favorite indulgences brought together. If you did half dates and half figs, I'd propose on the spot. Not sure how my husband would feel about that, though.


We make these but with hot Italian sausage stuffed in the middle of the date, then wrapped in bacon. Gives them a nice kick.


I make these with blue cheese stuffed inside. And at my wedding, they served ones stuffed with chorizo sausage. Both very yummy!


We've done them stuffed with blue cheese and also goat cheese. You NEED the blue cheese. We've done figs too. I need to make these NOW!


We stuff them with plain ole cream cheese!

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