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November 27, 2009


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mmm, gonna try that one. I tried to make a homemade crust the other day and it wasn't so good....

Mommas Soapbox

This is my kind of pie crust. And we make lots of pies for Christmas as well.

Thanks for sharing!


As I actually resorted to a crustless pumpkin pie this year (my grandmother who passed away this year was THE best piemaker and supporter...didn't think I could do it without her!)...I am definitely going to take this one down.
I want to do her proud...I have good feelings about this recipe!!

sheila @ Elements

I don't mind rolling. But honestly, there are some days I'm just lazy and don't want to clean up the flour and dough all over my counter top.

Of course I do, but wouldn't it be nice to make a homemade pie without the usual mess? Definitely!

I'll give your recipe a try. I'm sure it'll be half-assed!! :)


I just made this as a crust for a quiche and YUM! Thank you! I need never buy another stupid pre-made crust again. This makes me so happy :)
The flavor was perfect, the texture good! Crumbly like other pressed crusts. I liked it. He liked it. Sold :)

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