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November 22, 2009


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I need to make this. Even if my stupid family only wants to eat jellied cranberry sauce from a can, *I* will be civilized and enjoy this deliciousness!


I substitute orange juice for the water in the classic recipe, and grate in the peel from two oranges. When it's done cooking I throw in a couple of handsful of walnuts. I always need to add in a little extra sugar for the wimps but it's not necessary.

Link Building

Wow - looks stunning. I'm onto it!


Now that's my kind of cooking...Cheers! :)

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How many oranges, or glasses of orange juice, would you need to get a good supply of collegen?
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How well does this do in the refrigerator? If I were to make a few hours in advance? Does it reheat well? Sounds YUMMY!

Half Assed Kitchen

I haven't tried that, but can't imagine why it wouldn't work.


LOL thanks for the laugh and the great recipe.


I followed jwg's suggestion and added the zest of the orange to the mix. Delicious!

Vanessa McGrady Spiller

The PS to this piece is that I married said boyfriend. Cranberries work!

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