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November 18, 2009


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I always go with kosher turkeys because of all the brining that is done prior to packaging.

Michelle N

We fry our turkey and it always turns out amazing. Moist and loads of flavor!


Last year I used Alton Brown's Good Eats Roast Turkey. It was my first ever turkey and it turned out PERFECTLY. I will be doing it again this year. I highly recommend it.


I actually used a Martha dry brining recipe last year and it was the best turkey I've ever put in my mouth! LOL In fact, I can't wait to start doing my turkey breasts again this year! (we just do the breasts, because that's all my hubby will eat - white meat!) But I think I actually combined her method with a few others I found. Salt it for two days in the fridge, then rinse, pat dry and slather with butter before you bake it. YUUUUM!


My family has been using this recipe for YEARS. We always called it the drunk Turkey recipe because it calls for the entire bottle of wine.


Another vote for Alton Brown's Turkey. But we don't stuff it with apples. We use onion and sage and thyme. But with a 26+ lbs bird each year, we brine it in a cooler. :)


I cook the turkey just like I cook our chickens: stuffed with an onion and a lemon, rubbed with oil, salt, pepper, and chopped up rosemary. One thing I do is put it in ALMOST thawed, but still a little frozen. The meat comes out so moist, its ridiculous. We've also done the "upside down turkey" which creates a wonderfully moist turkey as well, if you already plan to serve a sliced up turkey at the table(it doesn't look too pretty once its done).


Honestly? I really don't do anything except put it in the oven well salted and peppered. I never understood turkey recipes, but really have a load of respect for those who undertake them. I'm sure their turkey is better than my turkey, but for the record, I like mine just fine!

Vanessa McGrady

My Uncle Seamus has a home-rigged turkey deep-fryer on his patio. Best I've ever had. With oyster stuffing. Oh my god I think I just had a tiny orgasm typing this. But not because of my Uncle Seamus. Just forget I said anything.

Lisa S.

I followed the "Cooks Illustrated" recipe and it was GREAT! I've never understood how people could eat turkey skin. Yeeeeech, wobbly, slimy...yurky stuff.
Now I understand - crispy - wowsers - yummy. I found it hard to share.


I was instructed by a food scientist that I work with to brine it while it thaws, and to roast the turkey at 220 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes per pound. It turned out amazing (I also stuffed it with fresh rosemary and marjoram, a chunked apple and some portobello mushroom).

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