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January 22, 2010


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The only time I tried bagels they just got soggy and flat in the water. Any tips?


"Conquer Bagels" is an entry on my never ending new year's resolution list. Why am I so daunted by them? I must give this recipe a try!


A friend of mine adds an egg to her bagel mix-it makes them more chewy. So good.



You have to make sure you only keep the bagels in the water for a short period of time. The recipe I use only has you keep them in for 30 seconds to 1 minute per side. And you gotta scope them out ASAP! lol


Thanks for the tip. I also don't think my dough was thick enough in the first place. Looking forward to trying this later today.

Half Assed Kitchen

Sorry for the tardy response. Like Amiyrah said, just boil for a short time. Also, don't overproof the dough. They really only need to sit for 20 minutes before boiling. Not much longer.


1. make these bagels right now.
2. if the dough starts to stick, add water, not flour.
3. follow the 20 m + 20 m rule.
4. boil one minute per side.
i used the salt that comes with those frozen super pretzels. they are the most half-assed yeast recipe ever.


These were easy and delicious, thanks so much! Fantastic when toasted, too.

Shana R

These were so yummy, and soooo easy to make! My 6 year old helped me make them and had a blast! Thanks so much!


We're making these today with the older day care kids. They got to choose what they make today, and bagels were their first choice, so fingers crossed. ;-)


I've made these twice now and they're great. The first time, I tried to make 6 instead of 8 (I ran out of flour) and the ratio was off a little AND I boiled them for too long but they still turned out well. The second time, I followed the recipe exactly and they turned out fantastic! I'll be making these again. Thanks!


The only thing I would add is a little malt powder (the non-diastatic baking kind) to both the dough and to the boiling water. That's where that extra little bit of flavor comes from, and other than finding the powder (I got it from King Arthur) it really doesn't take any more work.


This is the first time I've visited your blog. Thanks for the laughs!


when you say flour what kind did you use? Was it bread, self-rising, or all purpose. Sorry if its a silly question but I am a beginner baker and I have ruined so many recipes thus far by not using the right flour, and I want to get the RIGHT! they look so good.


This was AMAZING! I actually boiled them for 3 minutes on each side (don't ask me why), then put them in the oven, and they were absolutely incredible! I have my breakfast for Easter now! Thanks!!!

Half Assed Kitchen

Yay, so glad they worked for you, Joanne.

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