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January 13, 2010


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COOKIES. Must have cookies.


I made these today and dropped them off at my husbands office, they are really yummy!!!


I just made a half batch using two kinds of chocolate chips - it yielded 13 two-tablespoon scoops (which I regret not smushing down a little before baking).


Man, I love this blog.


Wait a second... no, the half batch was more than 13... it was more like 16 or 17. I ate a bunch and have 13 *left*. My bad.


LOL just linked over here from Smitten Kitchen's blog....and I just made her oatmeal cookies (the chewy not the crispy recipe) last night! lol. i didn't find them too salty and i took them out of the oven at 9-10 minutes and let them rest on the baking sheet a bit so they were nice and chewy.

i love oatmeal cookies so i will give these a try too.


Great and easy recipe. Must try it.


Yummmm. And I love the idea of cookies for breakfast. That's my kind of recipe.


Your cookies sound delicious! Thanks for sharing :)


These look fantastic and I'll be making them asap! Love the simplicity.

Jane (In Scotland)

These are delicious, and very easy! This recipe also makes a huge batch, but I'll take half of them into the office tomorrow, we need something to cheer us up in there!

One question though (this has always bothered me), what's the american thing of measuring butter in cups?!?! How does that work? You can't pour it into a cup the same way you can sugar or flour, do you just guess? That's what I end up doing with american recipes. So glad my tala measure has US cups on it!

Half Assed Kitchen

Jane, I'm not sure why the cups? But if you buy butter in sticks (at least over here), the measurements are marked on the wrapper, which makes it simple.

Jane (In Scotland)

Aaah ok, that makes much more sense! If you buy blocks of butter in the UK it's marked off into handy 50g segments.

You have explained one of life's little mysteries!


Have made this twice now....first time exactly as written, second time used used all brown sugar...oh YEAH, even better....no white sugar, just two cups of brown.....soooo good!!


@Jane in Scotland: I think the cup measurements are because not everyone actually uses butter--many people use shortening, which comes in tubs and must be measured out for baking. And in the old days, households often made their own butter, so it may just be a holdover from days gone by.

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