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February 21, 2010


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This has always been one of my favorite quick dishes, but I never knew the origin of the name!


As someone who does not like anchovies I can vouch for the fact that you do not taste them in a sauce like this.

I like your rating system!

Lisa @ The Cooking Bride

I've made puttanesca before and cooked some fresh oysters in the sauce. It was delicious, but I had no IDEA the sauce was named after Italian hookers! HA!

Julie Size

Yummo! pass me a plate!!

Enjoyed visiting your blog!



Your pastas sound delicious! Thanks for sharing :-)

Sinful Southern Sweets

Ok, I just want to say, I've been browsing your blog this morning. Its really great! I love your rating system of how (1/4, 1/2 assed, hehe!) Fun blog! I'll be following!


I stumbled across your blog today. I'll be back!

I loved the book Belong to Me! But, like you, it made me hungry! Pasta puttanesca is one of my favorites--carbs and spice, what's not to love?


I'd made this several years ago using a different recipe and enjoyed it, but I have to say that your version is much easier and tasted better! I sauteed the garlic, red pepper, and anchovy paste on the stove, then added it to the rest of the ingredients and simmered the whole thing in a slow cooker for a couple of hours. The result was pure caper-y, olive-y, garlicky perfection! Thanks for the great recipes!

home remodeling

Easy and delicious. I find whole wheat pasta really bland and don't like to make pasta dishes with it because of the lack of flavor, but this sauce is bold enough to keep it interesting. Also I use anchovies packed in oil instead of anchovie paste. I make a paste in a mortar & pestle with the garlic and saute it together. Works well for me.

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