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March 24, 2010


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Doesn't even need the bag if stored out of direct sunlight. Choose basil with flowers on and place in a pretty jug or vase so it makes a lovely display. Freezing, drying or layering basil leaves changes the flavour, so standing in water is a good solution for medium term storage.

All Adither

I agree, frozen basil does not taste like fresh basil to me.


oh, great trick! i've always gone with the ziploc + damp paper towel method, but the leaves always went limp. i'll give this a shot. thanks!

Lisa @ The Cooking Bride

That's good to know! With warmer weather coming up, I'll be planting my herb garden soon and I always plant at least a row of basil. This way I can keep some in the house and I don't have to go outside everytime.


My mom always stores her basil like this - sans the bag. She's just using the last leaves of a plant she plopped on her counter 4 WEEKS ago!

Joy @ The Herbed Kitchen

This is amazing! Our basil is constantly turning brown and generally gross. Thank you!

R Becklund

good idea, i store greens in a ziplock with slightly damp paper towel in with the greens.


I never thought to cover it on the sill, where I keep it in my little canning jar! Thank you for the tip!


Thank you for posting this. I needed a few leaves and had to buy a huge bunch of organic basil and was trying to find a way to store it until I found another recipe to use it in. I'm definitely trying this. By the way - I love your blog!

Amy Carruthers

Thank you for this! I just bought a big bunch at my farmers market and wasn't sure how to store it. :)


Try Deb Meyers Green Bags . Wash and dry and wrap basil with a paper towel and store in fridge.
My lettuce lasts 2 weeks with green bags


Thanks... excited to try since I just picked some basil and was gonna do the fridge thing. I typically wash/de-stem/let dry and then freeze in single layer in ziplock bag. Then move to a storage bag in the freezer,especially for over wintering. I've had great success with the freezer method and the basil is still very strong and green. My family love it especially when I make my basil mayo. Thanks again for the tip and good luck all.

Sandra Wardlow

thank you for this wonderful advice, i grow basil and it is really growing, so i was i was wondering how to store it, cant wait to try this. Sandra July 29,2012 at 4:10

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