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April 14, 2010


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It's not very half-assed to be taking and posting all those photos. I mean, it's great and all, but it kind of makes you look like an overachiever. Like bakerella. And then you lose your half-assed street cred.

So I say save the bonus photos for a book deal, just give us a pic of the final product.


Also, I've always only been a lurker. That's because it's too much effort to comment--I can't believe I just did twice.

I gotta go take a nap.


I dont' need the extra photos'... one or two is quite sufficient to end me running, printed out recipe in hand, to the kitchen.


While I like the extra photos, I'd rather have you post more often with fewer pictures. I love your blog! Thanks for all you do.

diane and todd

yay! glad it turned out well.
And YES! we love the process shots. Especially the last one. The lighting is so magical, like a work of art.

hardwood furniture

I like the step by step photos there! I am not really into baking so those can help.


I don't think the step by step pictures are necessary. I just scroll through the anyway... word descriptions are more helpful, in my opinion. Just one or two pictures of the finished product are sufficient.

These muffins look great!


I looked and looked but didn't see how many chocolate chips to put in....did I miss it??


1). I think we have the same granite.

2). Don't need the process shots. Love you blog, though!

Mrs Horn

I like the step by step pictures. It helps me to know what it should look like at each point.


if a picture is worth a thousand words, then you just posted about a 7,000 word blog ♥♥♥♥ love the blog, whatever you do!


I like the process shots - that's why I read food blogs anyway. And I love that your muffin tins look like my family's, all worn in, instead of perfect, like they just came out of the box. :)


I am a photo junkie, so I love them - especially because you know how to take a good one. BUT, I don't *need* them. Although, seeing your loved muffin tin evokes all kinds of memories that I never knew I forgot (my grandma had one just like it) that I wouldn't have had otherwise...so - Thank You.

Healthy Foods Blog

Never tasted a muffin made of orange with chocolate chips before. It looks heavenly. Gotta try this one!

Chocolate Gifts

HHmmm..sounds interesting!...If I have time I will make this one..Hope it will work.. :-)


These look amazing! I've always baked orange and chocolate chip scones, but I'd love to try them as muffins. Looks like it's time to trundle over to the oven...

- Lisa, A Pocketful of Chocolate


I will echo another comment/question....How many chocolate chips ??? Dying to make this, but there wasn't an indication of the measurement for chips in the recipe.... cup? bag? bushel? ;)

Half Assed Kitchen

I'd go with a cup. A little more if you really love chocolate.

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