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May 08, 2010


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That's it... food AND facebook! What could be better, eh?
Gonna go click now!


LOL I prefer food not facebook, geez!

Patrick Ledwith

I'm an avid Facebook user, but I'm going to have to skip it and stick with your blog posts (and miss out on whatever conversation is going on over there) because it's already unwieldy.

You had asked "Sourdough, rye or whole wheat?" on 5/5, and while 11 people responded to the question directly, which kept the conversation logically ordered and grouped, over 50 people just posted random "RYE!" "None of the above!" etc messages on your wall, which basically translated to noise.

I'm game for dialog and engagement, but a Facebook wall is just overwhelming when there are 50+ posts just thrown on it with no context.

Really, I love your blog, and I love Facebook, and I tried to say that in a nice way, so I hope I didn't sound like a jerk.

Half Assed Kitchen


I completely agree. And I'm looking into how to fix this. Thanks for your feedback. It means a lot.

Patrick Ledwith

I appreciate you being receptive to feedback!

Lisa @ The Cooking Bride

Okay, I "liked" you (because I do). You need to "Like" me back. You have like 1400 fans. I think I have 20 :(. Ha! Maybe one day I'll catch up!

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