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August 17, 2010


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Yum! Dirty Vodka Martinis are my favorites and this dip sounds like it would be great. Also? Stuffed in olives in the martinis!! Yumm-O!


How fun! Great way to serve it!

Melody C.

While I understand the necessity of liquid for texture, I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of vodka and milk being interchangeable! Think I'll try this one!


Sweet fancy moses, this looks awesome. Would it be awful to throw some grated cheese in the mix, too?

Half Assed Kitchen

Not at all! Cheese it up!


The dip went w/ my parents to their Garden Lovers group meeting. It was a hit - thanks! And mmmm cheese that sounds great.


LOVE this dip! Made it for Labor Day weekend, and it was a huge hit!

It will be featured here:

Thanks for the recipe!


Made this dip last night and it was yucky!! The vodka overpowered everything else. There are other versions of this recipe out there that have just a tablespoon of vodka. They also include parmesan, garlic, and some include jalapeƱos or tobasco. This was a dud and not very flavorful.

Half Assed Kitchen

Andrea, We're sorry this didn't work out for you. Is it possible something went wrong? It seems like other folks liked it quite a bit. We know we did.


Is there a way to print a recipe without having to sign into Google. I don't have a google account.

Half Assed Kitchen

Kathy, I was under the impression that anyone could view the documents with or without a google account. I'll check into that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Though it would take more toner, you could print out this page.

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