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September 09, 2010


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I just made the same dish for my food blog as well:


Ohhh! Heart attack on a plate! I love it, it's so flavorful. But I refuse to make it! My mom-in-law makes a pretty mean version though...


I've never had this before, but it looks good!


Mmmmmm, pasta carbonara. I make what might qualify as a 1/8-assed version: 1 lb of freshly cooked pasta in a giant bowl, into which you dump 1 cup parm, ~ 1 cup pasta water, fried pancetta (I buy it pre-cubed so I don't even have to crumble it, heh), a whole lot of pepper... then crack an egg over it and stir stir stir.

And then I eat it with brussels sprouts, so it's technically healthy! (Sprouts cooked in the pancetta fat, but still! Healthy!)

Pretty. Good. Food.

Simple but delicious! I love it!


as a hopeful domesticate, i cannot wait to make this! thanks for all the great recipes!

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