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October 16, 2010


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I've not had good luck with "Everyday Food" receipes either. Just printed this one. I'm anxious to give it a try. Thanks!


How many servings?

Half Assed Kitchen

3 to 4 adult servings.


This looks SO good! In fact so good that I'm going to give it a try tonight!


Sounds good!

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This can feed my big family. Really looks good. Thanks.


what is half and half? I'm guessing milk...

There are 2 problems with being in Australia - I can't work out the translation of some ingredients, and the seasons are opposite. We're heading into summer so I'm off to trawl the archives.

Half Assed Kitchen


Half and half is milk mixed with cream. Half of each.

I'm working on getting a conversion widget on the blog. Thanks for your patience!

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I'm generally not a type of person that can follow a receipe - I allways think that I should do something different and I usually fail. But, in this case will do my best to follow the receipe exactly, because pictures look stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Hey Nana

I agree with your assessment of Everyday Food. I really don't understand who would eat the garbage they come up with!


Recently found your blog, it's great. I would definitely say I am a bit challenged in the Cooking area. Thanks for easing the pain just a bit.


I made this the night I saw it, and we loved it. My hubby, who dislikes most casseroles, thought it was great. It was a pretty good size for the two us, too. We had some leftovers for lunch the next day, but honestly, it didn't reheat well.

Half Assed Kitchen

Thanks for letting us know about the reheating issue!


I made this yesterday because I had leftover chicken, spinach, and sourdough bread that I either needed to use or throw away. I also had some mushrooms which I added. This received rave reviews from my daughter. I have never served a casserole before but have been experimenting with new recipes to use up leftovers or what I have available. Love your website.


Looks like a great chicken recipe.

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