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November 28, 2010


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I am SO making these!


they look like they need ice cream smashed between them! mmmmmmmm.


My kids would go nuts for these--I'm putting them on our holiday agenda!


I was not impressed! Maybe I did something wrong. I doubled the recipe and thinking back, it's possible I added too much cocoa. The dough was so hard to mix I began to think the butter should've been melted because there was so little liquid in the recipe. I added an extra egg instead. They were flat, crispy and not pepperminty enough. I also added mini chips, which I would recommend against doing because they disappeared in the cookie. Can't even tell they are in there.

Half Assed Kitchen

Oh gosh. So sorry Linda! I would say something went terribly wrong. Did you add the 1/8 cup milk? I've made them several times and they've always turned out great. If you decide to give them another try, go with a little less flour and a little more milk. Bake them for 10 minutes instead of 12 to 15 and report back.


I can't possibly make these... I might eat them all!! : )



Just made them - delicious! Even my 8 yr old who hates anything mint (that includes toothpaste, Peppermint Patties, and mint gum) gobbled them up. Definitely going to become some ice cream sandwiches! And maybe some teacher holiday gifts, too. yummy! Thank you!


Baked these scrumptious crumpets last night http://twitpic.com/3bh7e0 and they are GONE. Easy to make. Very good. Even better the next day IF they last that long. (Used non-stick cookie sheets and did not need to grease first.)

These are definitely going into our Christmas gift baskets. Thank you for sharing your recipe!

I'm with Rachel above - going to try ice cream sandwiches w/these soon.


Just made these and they are great. I am going to try to freeze 2/3 of them so they last until Christmas.


I made these for a cookie exchange and they were the first things gone in our house. They didn't hold up really well for me, but the taste more than compensated. I think next time I make them I'll try making them a bit smaller to help them hold together. Thanks for sharing!!


i have a bit of an sos.....the flavor of these is wonderful...but...mine are pretty flat and crunchy....is that they way they are supposed to be? if not....what do you suggest i do? I was wanting to make these for my students.....
could you send me an e-mail with any advice, please??

thanks so much!!!
oh and by the way....here in nagasaki city...there is. no. peppermint. at all.
i had to order it from a baking supply place in osake!! guess what is going on my list of "things to buy when i'm home"!!

Half Assed Kitchen

Oh no! Okay, well. All ovens are different. So, cook the next batch for more like 8 to 10 minutes. And make the cookies small. Otherwise they do thin out an awful lot. Good luck. I really hope they work out for you!


The recipe looked like it would be thin and crisp so I made some changes to make them chewy. The taste is great, I will definitely be making these again. Maybe pretty soon, they are going quickly.


i'm back...so the first time i made them, they were thin and crispy....the second time, i tweeked the recipe a bit (added a bit more flour) and made sure I put the dough on a cold pan before baking...and they were a bit more like regular cookies.
The general opinion in this house is----they liked the flat, crispy ones better!! (hub said they are like a local sweet here in nagasaki city...kind of like a sweet senbei cracker!!)
the extra flour made them a bit more cake-like....I'm making about 240 of them for a Christmas party for all my students next week and will try to go for a good 'in-between'!!
These? 1/2 assed (more like 1/4...they were so easy!!!) and waaaaay too good NOT to share!!!
Thank you so much!!!


These. Are delicious!


I had the flat, crumbly, overly crisp problem and solved it by just omitting the milk and chilling the dough between batches. They turned out perfect. Crisp on the edges, but thicker, soft, and held together.


one last comment....i made these for my Christmas party for my students...85 students got three cookies each and i've heard nothing but good/delicious/wonderful comments from them!!!
definitely making these again!!!
thanks so much!!!


I just wanted to add (although a bit late) that these turned out perfect for me...crispy on the outside, soft and chewy inside. They were so good I had to come pack and get the recipe for Valentine's Day!! Thank you.


What goes better with a game of Quirkle and a rainy Seattle afternoon with the kids? Why THESE COOKIES!! I just happened to have all the ingredients on hand, and they were fast and easy to make. THANK YOU HAK!

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