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September 16, 2011


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Amy Gil

That sounds like my kinda cookbook...I want!

Mary Reynolds



Sweet. I want this.

Donna Caddess

Wow, those pics on the cover remind me of my mom's cooking (actually my granny's cooking) back in Kenly, NC. I remember them making biscuits in a wooden flour bin with buttermilk and lard; they were the best! They were served with fresh grown collard greens and pork straight off the hog that had been cooked in the ground.
The other not so awesome memory, though, was the Shell no-pest fly strip hanging over the table we would all gather around.

Marilyn Kennedy

ove the title.. and yes, love Paula Dean and enjoy reading your blog and her's
I am not in the Deep south but in the " shallow North" and enjoy good recipes!!


I want everything on the front cover. Right now.

Jodi Boatright

Looks like a great cookbook!


I love a good cookbook!

Jennifer Jo

I'm a sucker for cookbooks.

Kelly Fought

love southern cooking!


who doesn't love Paula Deen type cookbooks? Butter loaded goodness..don't cook that way often anymore but when I do it is oh so yummy!

Kate Giffin

Me, Me, Me!! I adore cookbooks, and this one looks to be right up my alley!

Patricia Holmes

WOOOOOOO WEEEEEEE!! I just love southern cooked food and a give away like this would make me wound up tighter than the girdle of a Baptist minister’s wife at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast!! mmmmmmm yummy!

Kay Hoover

Looks like great recipes.

Karen Heffernan

I should win. I do everything half-assed ; )


I'm from the South, where "fried" is a food group. :)


YuM! Chocolate gravy?! LOVE the idea...just discovered chocolate wine...what next?

Bevie G

My oh my! That sounds sooooo good! My husband's Grandma used to make him chocolate gravy when he was little!


I love cookbooks and I'm always trying to figure out what to cook for my southern husband.

Mandy Ellison

I have always had an interest in good ole southern cooking. Love the pics on the cover, can't wait to get a copy and start cooking!!

Susan Palmore

Separately, two of my favorite things, made into one I've never had - chocolate gravy!!!

jacqui Kosche

My sister-in-law is from Nashville and now lives in Australia and is slowly intorducing all my family there to the joys of biscuits and sweet potato pie. This sounds like her kinda cooking and I will have to look for this book to take home to Aus for her for christmas (and one for myself because I cannot resist a good one pot cookup!!)

Kris Miller



sounds like a great cookbook!

Lisa Flockhart

I'm Australian, and really want to learn to cook Southern. I LOVE southern food! Pick ME, PICK ME!! :D

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