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April 06, 2012


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Kim W.

I might be just delurking now; I can't remember if I've ever commented. I love your blog.

We use a pasta insert in our stock pot when making broth now. It makes it easy to strain -- just lift it out.

And I do love the freezer bag full of veggie parts -- we just started getting consistent with that recently.

We make about 6 quarts of broth with one chicken carcass and veggie parts -- we freeze it in canning jars (wide mouth pint jars -- don't put the lids on until it's frozen or the jars will crack).


I make it a 1/4 assed by using my crockpot, that way it can simmer for 24 hours without worries....


Agree, homemade stock is great. I use the leftover bones from a roast chicken, add aromatics, veggies, peppercorn, etc. Instead of cooking on the stove I put the pot in the oven at 350 then turn it down to 250 and let it go. Seems to take at least 6 hours for full flavor. Add water as needed. Doing it in the oven avoids the scum buildup. If I'm really lazy, the crockpot works great for making stock too.

Joel Niemeyer

I love the idea of the oven and slow cooker methods, but have just been too lazy to try them. Sounds like a great way to not worry about boiling it too much! I need to try those.

Colleen Bishop

I made a veggie stock once using freezer scraps, pretty much any veggie I prepared to eat anything that I trimmed off went into the bag. It ended up being mostly broccoli stems and carrot peelings and onion skins. But it turned out great. It tasted like hot and sour soup (I had thrown in a dried chili pepper on a whim). I've tried to recreate it over and over and have never come close. It's too bad, it was such a good soup!

The crock pot is a great idea, never thought of doing that. Next time I suppose.



Made the chicken stock this weekend and it turned out great. I've always been intimidated by making my own stock which seems goofy now because it was so easy. I'll be doing this again. Thanks!

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