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December 17, 2012


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I have made this along with super-easy peppermint bark for the past three years as teacher gifts. I use the almond roca recipe from girlsgonechild, but replace the almonds with pecans. Don't even need the vandy thermometer!


This looks incredibly good! Now I can't wait to make it. For melting chocolate: Put the chips/squares in microwave at 30% heat for one minute. Stir. Then continue at 30% power in 30 second intervals until melted. It's important to stir after each heating, as the chips can hold their shape slightly, even when melting hot. This way you never overheat. (I learned this because I have a fantastic icing recipe that calls for melted white chocolate.)

Reay Jespersen

I'm a bit thrown by the very specific use of margarine. Can butter be used instead? Because, really... mmmm, butter...

Half Assed Kitchen

Reay, yes, we state in the ingredient list that butter can be used. We can't eat dairy, so have tried to provide an alternative to others in the same situation. Earth Balance margarine works very well, but if butter is your thing, by all means use that. We would if we could!

Ashley Bee

I keep ending up with caramel sauce when I try to make caramel :\ I wonder if I'll have the same luck with toffee...

Half Assed Kitchen

Ashley, just make sure you use a reliable candy thermometer and that the temp gets up to "hard crack".


It's important to only make toffee on a dry day, too. Humidity makes your batch sticky, no matter how badly you want it not to be. Keep an eye on the holiday weather and be ready to roll when the humidity is low!

Also, you needn't melt the chocolate--as soon as the poured toffee has firmed up but is still hot, sprinkle the chips or broken bar over it. In a few minutes it will be soft enough to spread--saves another step!

I've been making toffee (a slightly different recipe) for decades and it is my most requested holiday bring-along. I think it's the primary reason I get invited at all!

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